Leroy Nichols Arrival and Departure Changes

2018-2019 School Year

To Keep our Cougars safe, we will move to "closed campus" this year. 


  • Arrival time - NO earlier than 7:45
  • All students (K-6) will enter through the cafeteria door facing Crescent - Valet will replace current parking slots on Crescent
  • Sixth Grade students will help the kindergartners get to class
  • Free breakfast is available
  • Cafeteria procedures in place for students having breakfast or not
  • Students will still have an early morning recess


  • Pre-school and Kindergartner will communicate their procedures on the first weeks of school
  • First - Sixth graders will be divided in "walkers/Bridge" or "riders"
  • Walkers/Bridge will:
    • Students will be escorted by a teacher to the front of the school
    • Parents will wait outside of gates for students
    • Only students walking will be escorted to the designated area
    • Students will be supervised until 2:30
    • ***No Parking in front of the school on Crescent***
  • Riders (Cars, bikes, scooters)
    • Students will be escorted to the parking lot area and will wait for adults by Room 23
    • Parents will drive through the parking lot to pick up their child
    • Students will wait behind the gate until the parent arrives
    • Students will be escorted into their car by an adult

We welcome parents on campus only when they have been buzzed into the main gate and signed in at the office. For the safety and well being of our students-PLEASE wear a Visitor's Badge while on campus. 

Arrival and Departure Changes - Spanish